Reducing the Risk of Gestational Diabetes through a Healthy Diet

Obesity is an increasing risk factor for gestational diabetes mellitus, with an ever-increasing percentage of pregnant women being obese or overweight. Diet can impact obesity as well as gestational diabetes mellitus development.

An on-going mother-child study examined the correlation between diet and gestational diabetes risk for 351 obese or overweight women and gestational diabetes onset, and its prevention. According to these results, following a healthy diet during early gestation lowers gestational diabetes risk significantly.

Diet diaries of study participants provided data to estimate their nutrient intakes, with two distinct diet patterns–an unhealthy one and a healthier one–being identified. A diet quality index and potential inflammation index were also calculated to provide additional details of these diets.

This study revealed that diets which increased low-grade inflammation markers in the body were associated with gestational diabetes mellitus risk. A higher consumption of saturated fats also was tied to gestational diabetes mellitus risk; such consumption is known to contribute to inflammation within the body.

Utilizing several methodologies, multiple techniques were applied to analyze early pregnancy diet. Analysis demonstrated that diets which focus on overall health promotion have been linked with reduced gestational diabetes risks.

Consumption of fruits, vegetables, berries, wholegrain products and unsaturated fats such as olive oil can help reduce inflammation in the body and gestational diabetes risk. Mothers who were obese or overweight prior to gestation could benefit from early pregnancy dietary guidance.

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