Discovering the Health Benefits of Trikonasana [Triangle Pose] in Yoga

Trikonasana improves flexibility by stretching and lengthening the spine, strengthening legs, arms, ankles and feet while opening up hip areas. The triangle’s inherent stability provides support, balance and strength; Trikonasana replicates this geometry form to provide support, stability and strength to our bodies.

Breathe deeply while holding this pose and focus on being still. Be mindful of being filled by the strength and solidity of the triangle as you know that its solid core cannot be shaken away.

How to Do Triangle Pose:
1. Assume an upright stance with your feet approximately three feet apart.

2. While moving the right foot 90 degrees outward, shift the left foot in approximately 30 degrees toward the right.

3. While inhaling, extend your arms out from your shoulders so they form a T shape.

4. While exhaling, gradually bend to the right.

5. Lower the right arm towards the shin of your right leg while raising up your left arm towards the ceiling.

6. Align the shoulders to lie stacked over the right knee while maintaining an extended spine position.

7. Carefully look up at your thumb, slowly inhaling and exhaling.

8. Slide your right hand further down your leg as the left side of your body relaxes and opens up. Make sure the upper body remains aligned, then hold for several breaths before taking another move.

9. Feel your endurance increase, and visualize yourself as an unwavering and strong triangle.

10. Return arms back up into their standing position for release.

11. After resting for some time, one may alter the pose by moving back and forth in their poses.

Triangle Pose Benefits: Warrior II strengthens feet, ankles, knees, legs, chest and arms by stretching, strengthening and mobilizing them simultaneously.

Strengthen the neck, back, and abdominals

Stretches the groin, hips, calves and hamstrings as well as spine, shoulders and chest area.

Stretches the spine, shoulders and chest area.

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