Exploring the Health Benefits of Bridge Pose [Setu Bandhasana] in Yoga

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana, also known as bridge pose in Sanskrit, translates to “forming a bridge.” When performing bridge pose, focus on creating a strong structure. Benefits of bridge pose include increasing flexibility in your back while stretching shoulders and neck muscles, strengthening leg muscles and gluteals as well as opening your chest.

Steps to Perform the Bridge Pose: Step 1: Begin with bent knees and lie back. Position feet parallel and hip width apart with heels near buttocks. Arms by sides with palms facing down.

Step 2: Breathe deeply. Exhale while contracting abdominals to lift pelvis toward roof; push both feet evenly into ground with each breath while deep breathing deeply for three to five deep breaths.

Step 3: While inhaling, gradually lift your lower, middle and upper back if possible to create space in between your feet and shoulders – only as far as is comfortable – while spreading weight across both feet and shoulders evenly. Keep knees hip distance apart with big toes pressing against the ground – while keeping the pose while breathing deeply.

Step 4: Aligning shoulder blades together and interlacing fingers under lifted buttocks to secure them is often enough to support hips and buttocks with relative ease. If this proves challenging, hold ankles or use hands as necessary to assist.

Step 5: With each exhaled breath, attempt to lift your pelvis gradually until the pose feels complete.

Step 6: While exhaling, release by gradually lowering one vertebra at a time onto the ground.

Benefits of Bridge Pose: [to strengthen hamstrings, buttocks and back]

Stretch the hips, spine, neck and chest

Helps alleviate mild depression

Stress Relief and Anxiety Reduction Strategies

Reduce headache and backache symptoms

Stimulates thyroid, digestion and abdominal organs

Improves blood circulation

Helps relieve menopausal symptoms

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