Exploring the Health Benefits of Pigeon Pose [Kapotasana] in Yoga

Kapotasana or Pigeon Pose offers numerous health advantages for both chest and hip areas, stretching thighs, hip rotators and flexors, aligning pelvis, increasing pelvic floor circulation, as well as opening chest & hip areas for increased respiration and circulation.

Health benefits of Pigeon Pose:
Stretches the hip rotators and hip flexors for improved hip opening stretches that release tight hip flexors. It may be used to address problems related to tight hip flexors.

Stretch the gluteal, thigh and piriformis muscles

Stimulates blood flow to the hip area

Sciatica relief and prevention

Helps alleviate low back pain

Step 2: Cross the left foot over and place it in front of the right knee, sliding and stretching back the right leg straight back as far as possible. If stretching is too strenuous for your left hip, add a pillow beneath for additional support.

Step 3: To correct hip alignment, shift the right side of your chest slightly leftward and lower it onto your left leg – this should align the elbows beneath your shoulders.

Step 4: Arrange elbows in front of left knee or lower body further if hip allows, resting forehead on mat and extending arms on floor if required.

Step 5: Stay within your comfort zone while feeling a good stretch in the left hip.

Step 6: Position both hands beneath your shoulders and lift your upper body while pressing into the floor, puffing out your chest like a pigeon’s breast, while keeping shoulders away from ears – there should be no compression in lower back area.

Step 7: To release tension, come up onto your right knee or shinbone and step gently onto it to release. Uncrossing and straightening out the left leg behind you while shaking both foot and leg multiple times until all tension has dissipated.

Step 8: Repeat on the other side.

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